Blackjack "BJ", "Black", "Jack" Kowalski was born 3rd April 1775 in New York, USA. Nobody knows who are his parents.

He grew up in New York, in regular worker family. When he was 16, he moved to England and joined to army, he started his career in Royal Antiquity Foot Guards, but later his travel led him to Scotland and he joined to Royal Antiquity Highlanders where he served long time. in Foot Guards he reached rank Corporal before moving to Scotland and joining to Highlanders. He served in Higlanders very long time, he begame Sergeant which was his rank long time, he was brave man, who enemies feared and honored, he achieved RAA's 1st and 2nd awards. During long war against pirates, he showed his bravery many times, earned respect of his men and his leaders. But he had one bad accident, in training he did little mistake in assault training, bayonet buried little bit to ground, and it acted as pole, hitting him to chin and knocking him out. His chin was broken, which led to long recovery vacation. When he recovered, he returned to duty. His loyality, bravery and boosting morale of his men led promotion to Lieutenant, which was fis final rank in Highlanders before disbanding. He returned to Foot Guards where he served until move to New Brunswick.

But in New Brunswick things didn't went so good that he wanted... When Bill Umino founded DOM, he saw how mr. Umino stole soldiers, lied, threatened and spreaded falses... It made Blackjack angry and disappointed. Army was disbanded long time...

When army was disbanded, he got bored, started drinking. One night when he was drunk he gave holy promise: "One day I will revenge what you did, Bill Umino". But he never met him again, months later he got great news: "Bill Umino was hanged for war crimes". He was happy and sure that army will return. Days and months went, he saw how New Brunswick grew from small village with castle to big city. Castle moved to near the sea. When army came back, he instantly joined and got promoted to Captain, and Duke of New Brunswick awarded his loyality with Medal of Honor.

Current situation: Captain of New Brunswick Foot Guards, nicknamed as "Black Guard"

Current age: 29