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Mez Legion Commandant

Mehmed Balzic. Role player

Mehmed Balazic (Nicknamed Mez) has been role playing in SL for around two years. He is very eager to role play in any historic time preiod sim
his favourite time period is the napoleonic times and he very much enjoy's role playing at the Sim New brunswick located south of caledon, he also likes to role play in the Victorian Sims of Antiquity.
In his victorian role play or napoleonic, he was born in Turkey. Right now he fights for the New Brusnwick Foot Guard (Black Guard) as a Major, in the mens eye's he is an experienced leader and tactician.
He has fought in many regimants under the command of Major General Drake Moyer such as;
Majestic Navy of New Babbage,
Liberty Du Caledon,
Legion Entrangere/ Antiquity Foreign Legion,
Royal Antiquity Rifles,
Antiquity Legion Entrangere,
New Brunswick Foreign Legion.
New Brunswick Foot Guards ( Black Guard ) <<<< To Date.

The Story of Mehmed Balazic

Mehmed Balazic was Born in Turkey the year, 1771
Mehmed's father Was a Trader and Merchant. Balazic travelled with his father to the Barbary States & Morroco, where they both traded goods and Items to make a good living in Turkey. Mehmed was not rich but he was not poor. They owned an avaraged size house in The Centre of Istanbul.... But when Mehmed reached the age of 10, news came of a Russian invasion. The Russian's were gonig to invade The Ottomen Empire and there was nothing they could do about it. Balazic's father took him to New Babbage where his father Killa joined up with the Merchent voulenter militia for a job... but he was kicked out 10 minutes later for foul mouthing.A few months later Balazic's father joined up to the 1CFL 1st Caledon Foreign Legion. He served with them for quite some time about a year and a half and made Sergeant rank. After they both moved to Antiquity Shouls with the Legion Killa made Captiane of the Escualair Scouts, but soon after left to retire.

When Balazic recieved the news that his Dad had retired he left Shouls at the age of 17 and travelled around Antiquity when he came back Shouls was gone and Antiquity Citadel was born. When Mehmed got there he Recieved the news that his Father was dead. He was killed in some freak Accident with the Gallows. Mehmed was angered so he signed up to the Legion where he has fought for 27 years. He is now 40 Years old and is the Commandant of the Legion