--Mez09 20:36, September 4, 2009 (UTC) Lt. Colonel Mehmed Balazic

New brusnwick foot guard officer 001

New Brunswick Officer in full uniform.

Welcome to the New Brunswick Foot Guard Wiki

New Brusnwick Foot Guard is a Napoleonic Role play army, it is the sucsessor group of the New Brunswick Army and the RAA ( Royal Antiquity Army ) all formed by Duke Drake Moyer. The NBFG has around 35 fearless members ready to fight for the Duke of New Brunswick and there hometown.

Allied Forces: New Brusnwick Navy, Belgian Czech Alliance. Founding of the Black Guard all started of with two army's the main being the RAA here is a list of the founding groups The Forming of the Group.

Majestic Navy of new Babbage

Babbage Marines Babbage Navy

Liberte du Caledon

1st CFL

Royal Antiquity Foreign Legion

1st CFL 2nd CFL


Royal Antiquity Foot Guard Royal Antiquity Highlanders

Royal Antiquity Legion Royal Antiquity Rifles

Royal Antiquity Landing Squadren.

New Brusnwick Army

New Brunswick Foot Guard New Brunswick Foreign Legion

New Brusnwick Navy New Brunswick Rifles.



New Brusnwick Foot Guard (Black Guard) NOTE: If people wish to join the Black Guard please contact either Mehmed Balazic, Drake Moyer or Mahid Aeghin

Preparing for the winter 1 001

Foot Guards prepare for the winter

Medal of honour 001

Medal of Honour worn by Captian Kowalski


  • Loyal members of the New Brusnwick Army have recieved New Brusnwick medals of honour for there loyalty to the Duke.
New brusnwick army in uniform 001

New Brusnwick Uniform Navy Officer and Foot Guard

  • WINTER HAS STRUCK NEW BRUSNWICK! Foot guard are preapring for a long and cold winter. The usual bright miday's of New Brusnwick are now over. Early morning on the 3rd of september Foot Guards woke up to the sight of snow in the air!
  • Battle at Maria Galante 4/9/09 On the 4th of September the Brave Black guard of New Brunswick stormed the island of maria Galante by sea crushing the pirates on there own block, when then being outnumbered. It was a great win in the name of New Brunswick and a great start to the Foot Guard. At the end of the battle after a crushing defeat that was dealt to the pirates, we finished of with a few line battles, helped by some Russian Imperial soldiers who came out of the blue.
  • Battle sunday the 6th of September Maria Galante pirates struck New Brusnwick. A raiding party of pirates hoping to get there own back of the guards for the prevous battle tried to loot the town of Brusnwick, but the Coragues Foot Guard defeated the raiding party in an effort to defend there hometown.
  • WINTER IN ENW BRUSNWICK HAS COME TO AN END! Early morning on the 7th of september the Foot guard woke up to bright sunshine again.

  • New Brusnwick Foot Guard Lt. Jeremiah Crannock elected as the New Brunswick herald main editor!
Jeremiahnewspaper 001

Lt. Crannock Herald Main editor.

Uniforms and Weapons of the New Brusnwick Army

Uniforms of the Foot Guard consist of a Foot Guards uniform standered issue, the Officers uniform and the Winter Dress.

OTHER BRANCH: New Brusnwick Navy uniform Consits of

Rifle of the Foot Guard

The Foot Guard use a Averaged size reliable accurate German Musket Called the Black Guard NBM1    The rifle has now been updated to the Brunswicker Rifle. The rifle consits of a new rifle butt stock, and a retexture.   


Line fire

Allies Enemys


Allies and Enemys

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